Chris Yavelow’s Cyberworld

Chris Yavelow is now my main site, and usually the most up to date of the bunch. You can get to the other sites from here too. Or are you looking for books by me?


FictionFixer was officially launched and open for business in late 2004. If you have written a novel, you will be interested in this website.

Biographies Unlimited

One of my latest ventures is a service to write biographies, family histories, tributes, memoirs, autobiographies, reunion keepsakes, photo-montages set to music, and even "your life as a comic book."

YAV (current)

YAV is now a family-friendly web hosting provider. We are particulary sensitive to the needs of creative people. We host most of the sites on this page (and soon, all of them). Plans start at $7.77 a month.

Also of interest if you need a website template or to register a domain name:

Countdown (opera)

In 1987, Countdown became the first computer opera; in 1994, it became the first opera in cyberspace. The award-winning one-act opera was commissioned by the Boston Lyric Opera. Hear it here, while reading the libretto. You can listen to more of my music here: and peruse my
complete music catalog.

Music is the Message

The Music is the Message is an artificially intelligent exhibit that ran for 3 years at the Nemo (The newMetropolis Center for Science and Technology in Amsterdam the Netherlands). It uses the YAV Music Engine and Adaptive Music Technology to allow users to score a short video.


This is where I keep my GarageBand compositions. Do me a favor: take a visit here and click on something to keep the charts moving. [4-4-04: Thanks for those votes and clicks, my Body-Mind-Spirit won third prize in the competition!] More of my music is below. You might want to try YAV Radio.
or visit:

BTW, you can IM me as Bytehoven too:

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YAV (software) is my software business site (formerly, -- note, the double YAV required since July, 2005). It is where your can download software I've made. Except for the updated logo, this site hasn't changed much since I coded it in TeachText back in 1994.

Yavelow Family is the family site -- the kids and me. It used to be part of until it's size became impractical. Here are links to photo albums of me and the girls.

My "Life"

My iLife site. Here are short videos and photo albums (most, since my return to the USA in 2003). My geocaching site is at:

Fun Stuff

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Mainly fun stuff by or of my daughters.

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Sample sites hosted at


CyberMozart is an implementation of Mozart's Musical Dice game for Macintosh OS9 (classic). Music generated by CyberMozart has been performed by the Stuttgart Orchestra.


PushBtnBach is an early implementation of the YAV Music Engine (see "The Music is the Message" above). This software for Macintosh OS9 (classic) generates works in the style of Johann Sebastion Bach.

Email Magician

Email Magician is a one-button solution to managing email in Qualcom's Eudora. The software automatically creates filters (including spam filters), mailboxes, and nicknames (address book entries) with a single click.

MetaTag Manager

Meta Tag Manager is the first software of its kind for the Macintosh (OS9 and classic) -- the ultimate tool for fine-tuning and optimizing a document's meta tags to enhance a page's search engine relevancy ranking.

Are you running Mac OSX? If so, you can link to my wholesome photo-album sampler for your screen-saver.
This particular album contains 77 photos of Americana, the best pictures from the albums at my iLife site.
NOTE: Only works when I've free space! Open your "System Preferences" and choose "Desktop & Screen Saver."
Click on "Screen Saver," then ".Mac,"
Then press the "Options" button and type "yav" in the ".Mac Membership Name" field.